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Based in Watford, Green Transit offers a unique removals and clearance service across Hertfordshire and London, operating with only fully electric vehicles.


We are passionate about delivering a high quality service that doesn’t hurt the environment and helps with reducing the carbon footprint across the area we serve, which happens to be one of the most polluted areas in the UK.

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A Greener Transport Solution

Our expert team have been working in the industry for decades, with unrivalled experience that enables us to provide you the most efficient and high quality removals and clearance services.

We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to the unique needs of every customer, safely and securely carried out by our friendly, hard working team at Green Transit.

It is important for us to be part of influencing the changes that needs to happen to make sure the environment around us isn’t significantly and irreparably damaged by carbon emissions. We provide a service that is completed in fully electric vehicles and further invest 10% of our profits into local carbon offsetting and conservation projects. 

Commercial vehicles effect on carbon footprint

carbon foorprint

There has been a 29% increase of road traffic in the last 30 years and this continues to grow, with only 0.5% of that traffic being made in ultra low emission vehicles. Commercial vehicles account for a quarter of the estimated 328 billion miles of road traffic in the UK each year, and are more likely to operate at higher levels within high carbon emission zones.

Vehicles make up for 22% of the air pollution in the UK, which is causing detriment not only to the planet itself, but to ourselves. High levels of air pollution that we see in large cities like London and Birmingham for example, can have adverse effects on our health and wellbeing,  

The UK faces some of the most challenging economy wide CO2 reduction targets in the world, with plans to decarbonise the entire fleet of vehicles across the country by 2050. Many commercial vehicle manufacturers, like Mercedes and Tesla, are already working hard to build ultra low emission vehicles.